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We are health and Social Care Consultants with over twenty years of combined (CQC & Ofsted) experience. We help with general consultancy, service improvement planning, (CQC & Ofsted) ratings turnaround, client sourcing, recruitment and marketing.

What we offer:


  • General advice and consultancy,

  • Social care recruitment ( Including content creation & social media marketing

  • Responsible Individual service 

  • Nominated individual service

  • Business Start-up.

  • Marketing/Client Sourcing 


Des Webb

Des is an experienced Operations Director in the health and social care sector with a track record of delivery across private and public sector roles.


Des has vast experience managing large teams working closely with Board members, Registered managers, Strategic Commissioning Managers, and Local Authority Placement teams. 


Des has substantial experience in managing care planning practice in children and adult services; identifying, assessing, planning, delivering, monitoring, and evaluating outcomes.

Des formal qualifications include a Level 5 & 7 - OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Health and Social Care Management, Leadership in Health and Social Care, Digital Marketing Professional DIP, and a Positive Behavior Support and Cultural and Diversity Trainer. Des is currently completing the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellness Diploma. 

"I am proud to have worked with a diverse client group, gaining profound experience working in Residential care homes (mental health, Autism & LD), Supported living services (Challenging Behavior, mental health & LD), Domiciliary care services, Dementia care homes, Children with disabilities, Residential Care homes (Looked after children) and 16–24 Semi-independent services." 

Senior Consultant

Solo-Steven Gisanrin

Solo-Steven Gisanrin is a change-focused, health and social care professional currently undertaking an MA qualification in Advanced Child Protection.


Solo-Steven has extensive experience in setting up new provisions including 16-24 supported living accommodation, Ofsted services and CQC regulated provisions.

During the past twenty-four years, solo has gained invaluable experience supporting adults, children, and young people in residential care settings in varied capacities, including operational level.

Solo has in-depth awareness of the procedures, objectives, roles, and relationships of partner agencies, including local authorities commissioners, placement teams and social workers


What We Value

We value Integrity. Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing Webb Care Consultancy. Additionally, we believe the key to a successful business is Honesty, Fairness, Accountability, keeping our promises to our customers, diversity and inclusion. We love learning new things and passing our insights on to our clients.



In health and social care, it is crucial that providers operate safely at all times due to the fact that we are often responsible for the safety of vulnerable people. The theme of "safety" is entwined within practically everything you do as a provider.


Webb Care Consultancy is committed to promoting and supporting safe care practices.


our work is governed by the following acts. 

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

Child Act 2004

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

Care Act 2014

Human Rights Act 1998

Data Protection Act 2018

Mental Capacity Act 2005




We only charge for the work we do and if we feel we can't help you we will tell you and advise you what the best course of action should be to resolve your problem.


Growth & Innovation 

Running a business can prove challenging. When we start a business we usually have a vision of what the ideal business will look like.

Webb Care consultancy, we are able to help you build, rebuild, model or remodel your service into the dream you had when you first started, and this usually involves growth and innovation.


The Children Act

We are committed to providing our clients with legal, honest and ethical advice and consultancy which underpins children's law and legislation:- 

  1. The Children Act 1989 (as amended),

  2. The Children and Social Work Act 2017,

  3. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019,

  4. Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018,

  5. The Education Act 2002,

  6. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1992.

  7. Housing Act 2004,

  8. the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 

  9. the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005)


Mental Health

We recognise the increase in mental health both among our young people and as a societal issue. Mental health in the workplace, particularly among support workers and managers working with challenging behaviour is something which needs to be supported by senior management.


We are able to help you access the right support and solutions to any issues relating to mental health among your stakeholders -  Find out more



We use the best web designers and content creators to create powerful rich media to promote your brand, company or service.


Quality content helps to attract the right audiences to you, and if your audiences find the content valuable, then they are more likely to share it which creates free marketing and promotion. Find out more

Our Story

We have worked with a diverse client group, gaining profound experience working in Residential care homes (mental health, Autism & LD), Supported living services (Challenging Behavior, mental health & LD), Domiciliary care services, Dementia care homes, Children with disabilities, Residential Care homes (Looked after children) and 16–24 Semi-independent services. We decided it was the right time to set up our own consultancy providing expertise to a wide range of clients across the care sector


Babara Willis

Babara is a skilful influencer and negotiator as well as a successful Property and Housing professional, with a track record of delivery across different public sector roles.


Babara is experienced in procurement and contract management and has held senior positions in large, complex public sector organisations.


Babara spent the early part of her career managing residential stock for both Local Authorities and RPs. She has Headed Asset Management departments for several large Boroughs, leading pre-contract specialisms such as investment planning, procurement, the packaging of works and asset management strategy. She re-planned the delivery of a £50m HRA capital programme and has worked in contractor re-procurement, departmental restructure, and management information overhaul.


Babara has delivered an end to end development pipeline worth £200 million and a £500 million regeneration programme, which had suffered past failures and needed to rebuild its credibility.


Babara leads on all our Contact Tendering and Contract Bidding.

Senior Consultant

Shelly Watts

Shelly has over 20 years of experience working in the care sector. Starting in sheltered accommodation supporting the elderly, shelly has an in-depth understanding of both CQC and Ofsted compliance. Shelly is skilled in setting up new services, restructuring existing services, Working with Senior Managers and understanding their business needs.

One of Shelly's main skills is her ability to turn around service quickly using her hard work ethic, forensic auditing skills and vast experience to create and execute improvement plans aimed at addressing compliance breaches.

Shelly is a natural leader and has excellent emotional intelligence which is evidenced in her dynamic staff training and workshop modelling.
Shelly is passionate about care, she is committed to ensuring that the vulnerable people we support have a therapeutic environment in which they can thrive.  

Sandy is an experienced Senior Manager with responsibility for commissioning and project managing complex programmes within the youth and adult sector.

Sandy is passionate about justice, young people and social change. As a safeguarding lead in various settings, Sandy has prioritised effective systems and processes to keep vulnerable people safe and staff protected. Sandy has developed positive and effective cross-sector partnerships with teams across the Private, Public, Statutory and Voluntary sectors.

Sandy's experience includes roles as Chief Executive, Sector Development Manager, Area Manager Youth Services, Safeguarding Lead and Trainer, Strategic Lead for Young People and Families, Youth Programmes Creator, Management Development, Project Manager, Training Manager, ID and I-CAN Facilitator, Youth Education & Development Manager, Education Training Officer, Training & Quality Manager, Training and Development Manager, Personnel Manager, Mentoring programme Co-ordinator

Sandy has worked across local and pan London strategic groups e.g. GLA, London Councils, local community, community safety, social care, schools and the MPS.  


Sandy White

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